June 7, 2010

A synopsis of the past 9 months

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Winter was relatively mild and filled with promise of spring quite early on in the year. It seemed as though Mother Nature stirred from her deep repose way back in February. It was a good thing for it made a series of challenging events so much more bearable for us all. I’ll give a brief synopsis starting with the completion of my only newsletter in 2009.

No sooner had I finished my September news mailing, I realized that I had become run-down, both physically and emotionally. In fact I had developed a painful rash on my face and forehead. Thinking that I had contracted a virus, I went to see my doctor, who dismissed the rash as a sinus infection. As my condition deteriorated and I found myself unable to function on account of excruciating pain, I was taken to hospital, where I was diagnosed with a severe case of shingles in face, eye, ear and gums. Had I been given the luxury of remaining in bed, motionless for the duration of the virus, I might have recovered more quickly. As bed rest was not an option, given my intense workload, I am still experiencing post-shingles pain ten months later. On account of this major setback I could not send out the annual Christmas newsletter, as I had done for the past twenty-five years. My sincerest apology to everyone, especially to the very kind friends, who sent us warm greetings. As anyone who has ever had a bad bout of shingles knows, it’s a challenge to get through a day, especially if intense physical work is a part of the routine.

The animals, for the most part, sensed my dire state and showed some restraint on their approach. The very young of course, who had no concept of restraint, continued to body slam and jump on me and then look at me in the most bewildered fashion as I moaned and groaned in despair.

Since my last correspondence we’ve had dozens of requests for help and subsequently many new arrivals, most of which I was able to relocate into new adoptive homes. In each situation the animal required costly surgery, which their owners could not afford and had not anticipated. Not wanting to see the animal put down, they contacted me to see if I would take it on and provide the necessary care. Once the animals had their respective surgical procedures, I made the decision to either find new adoptive homes or, on occasion, return it to the original owner, provided that it was in the animal’s best interest. I try to do what’s best for the animal.


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