June 7, 2010

Alas! Spring has arrived.

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Dearest Friends and Fellow Animal Lovers,

Alas! Spring has arrived. Trees and shrubs have burst into intoxicatingly aromatic, colourful bloom. Multiple schools of prolific Koi cast a reddish glow over the tepid waters of our ponds. A heron stands tall at the water’s edge, dipping his beak at every opportune moment at the bounty at his feet. Frogs croak with fervour in diverse harmony amidst the coltsfoot and the lily pads while the Kingfishers chatter amidst the willows. A pair of red-tailed hawks glide effortlessly over the field, circling again and again, determined to flush out some small prey below until a brazen raven, soon followed by another, gives chase. The air is alive with scent and sound. What could be more glorious?

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