June 7, 2010

Bobby McBeagle, 20 years young

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Little Bobby McBeagle, who is now 20 years old, originally arrived way back in ’91 and was termed the “Beagle from Hell”. Bobby had 6 unsuccessful placements and I had resigned myself to keeping Bobby at the farm, where his issues were “no issue”. Then in 2000 a lovely couple, which I had known over the course of many years, asked if they could bring him home. Bobby thrived under their loving care and compassion until the husband passed away and the wife was unable to care for him on account of failing health. Bobby has been back with us for more than a year and continues to motor on in spite of several surgeries and dental extractions. Quite recently he developed a very large tumour on his right foot. Although I was initially advised to leave well enough alone the growth grew at a most alarming rate to such disproportionate size that immediate action was required. Thanks to Dr. John B., an orthopedic surgeon at the Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital, Bobby’s tumour and connected toe were safely removed. Hence Bobby is able to walk without difficulty or pain. He’s one of the most complacent and endearing little guys, always wagging his tail in anticipation of a pat on the head or a tidbit in his mouth, unless he’s tucked away snuggly in his bed, snoring up a storm. In fact Bobby is the loudest snorer of any of the dogs that I have ever sheltered. I am so very happy that we were able to give him a new lease on life!

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