June 7, 2010

Grieving for my Little S.C.

Posted in June 2010 Newsletter at 1:12 am by havenoftheheart

I was nothing short of grief struck back in January, when I lost one of my dearest little dogs, a 17 year old Jack Russell named S.C. (for Second Choice). Little S.C. would undoubtedly still be alive today had I followed my gut feeling, my 6th sense so to speak. I had taken her to the vet for routine blood work just to be aware of any serious changes. Her kidney values were not ideal and it was suggested that fluid therapy be done. The dear little dog did not handle being at the clinic well so I was asked to take her home and bring her back in the morning for further IV fluids. I brought her back the next morning and picked her up at the end of the day. In my mind I had decided to conclude the fluid therapy sessions after the second day as it seemed to upset her too much. I told the vet that I did not want to leave her for another day but he insisted that a third day of fluid therapy was required to hydrate her kidneys. I had a very bad feeling about this and the 17-year-old dog, who was really quite bouncy and playful seemed to share my apprehension for she did not want to go back into the clinic the next morning. Once again I expressed the desire to remove the catheter so that I might take her home but I gave in to the vet’s urgings, thinking that it was in her best interest. No sooner was the IV hooked up to the catheter; my little girl began to tremble and wince uncontrollably for several seconds before she collapsed and died. Her plaintive cry and bewildered gaze, as she collapsed in my arms, shall haunt me forever. Both the vet and I tried to revive her for over half an hour but it was all to no avail. A blood clot had traveled to her heart. I realize that the vet was just as shocked as I was but I truly believe that we, as owners, know our animals best and should follow our instincts, especially when it involves nervous or older animals. I have certainly learned to give more weight to my feelings and I shall never allow an IV catheter to be reconnected. I have since heard of other owners, who had similar experiences when an IV catheter left in over night was reconnected. Let it be a warning to others. Little S.C.’s passing left me completely distraught and disheartened. Her passing seemed so senseless and unnecessary.  For weeks on end, I relived over and over the horror of her last few moments. How I wished that I could have turned back the clock!

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