June 7, 2010

Seniors at the Haven

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Some years ago, I found a home for a well-behaved, mature Shepherd by the name of Sheba. In September of last year she was returned to me, as she could no longer negotiate the stairs. Sheba adjusted well to life at the Haven but her legs gave out on her completely by Christmas. I tried her with canine wheels. Some dogs take to them readily but she simply refused. Sadly I had no choice but to call in the vet. It broke my heart, as she was mentally so very alert.

Quite early on in the New Year another one of our adoptees, Ozzie, an elderly Golden Retriever mix was returned to us, as he also was now unable to manage the stairs. Ozzie was adopted out three years ago to an elderly woman who was dying of cancer. I knew that it would be a short-term placement but felt that Ozzie should be given a chance to bring comfort and peace to someone in need. The lovely woman died within a year. Her husband, who was grief stricken, relied heavily on Ozzie to help him overcome the loss. Sadly the home had too many stairs, which Ozzie could not negotiate. Ozzie is now at the end of his life but still in possession of a powerful heart that is filled with love. He now lives with us, where there are no stairs, just plenty of cozy places to snuggle either by the fireside on a cool evening or under one of our many shade trees during the mid-day sun. Who knows how much time will be granted to him but however long he has it will be a good time, filled with plenty of love and plenty of treats.

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