March 26, 2011

Forever in My Heart

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In loving memory of my mother, Brunhilde Maria Conley

(March 30, 1926 – March 20, 2011)

She will be forever in my heart.

Remember Me

Remember me, not as I am today,

But as I was, in sunshine and in rain.

Striding the fields, and with my dogs again.

And for the future let that memory stay.

It won’t be difficult to have the mind replay

the tape within your head; just let the train of thought

recall that other time, although now far away.

When once the highlight of my day

was at the farm and breathing bracing air

of wind swept field, glad to be alive,

when I still had the energy to drive

to walk for miles in care free company

with dogs and nature, and before the wear

of age had laid it’s leaden hand on me.

(written by Betty Jones, modified by Ursula Hart)



  1. Julie Saunders said,

    Dear Ursula, You know how sad I am that you have lost your wonderful mother. I hope you are feeling a little better. She walks beside you every day. Thank you for what you do for all the animals you look after. Thank God that you had a mother who made you what you are today. Best wishes and love, Julie

  2. Brenda S. said,

    Hello, Ursula,
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. I lost my mother four years ago. My thoughts are with you, as I know it is a very, very, hard time. The memorial photo you have of her with the dog is lovely; your beautiful mother radiates with warmth and happiness in that picture. A colleague of mine, (Eric S., retired now) told me about your sanctuary and the wonderful work you do. Thank you, for all the years of dedication, and the sacrifices that you have made for the all the animals that have needed you.
    Brenda S. (Toronto)

  3. Tina said,

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother Ursula. May she watch over you and the waifs.

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