May 28, 2011

Looking for Good Homes

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We added a few animals to our Adoption Pages today. Please check out Princess, the x-Rottweiler, Pepper the Sheltie mix, Winnie the American Bulldog who is still waiting for her turn to find a home, and our adorable puppies.  By the way, Poncho is still here, the one with the mark of a heart, how can you not love that?  Please call us at 905-936-3055, 8 rings and leave a message. We will call you back.


  1. Samantha said,

    Hello, I was lucky enough to adopt one of these lovely guys from you in May 2011. His name is now Jasper, he is about 75lbs and just a loving budle of energy. He never got into any trouble, and was the smartest dog I had ever owned, he caught on to everything instantly! I Had my daughter January of this year, and he never once got jelous, he took to her instantly and now does everything he can to protect her. I just wanted to thank you for brining this big bundle of puppy into my life, I can’t imagine life without him. Thank you so much for everything you do, Thank you!

  2. Lynn B. Skilling said,

    HI Ursula – My Dad, Walter Henry has spoken so often of you. Mom died in 2008 and my dad has just lost his cat- I wanted to show him your cats but it appears that as soon as you lose a cat, everyone knows of at least 3 – 4 cats that need a home so he’s already set up He’s going to be 90 in april and I’d love to bring him out so that he could see Haven of the Heart – would that be possible?
    Is the American \bulldog still available This is something I’d be interested in for myself

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