January 28, 2013

Wonderful dogs ready for homes

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Dear friends, please help us spread the word to find suitable homes for our Haven’s waifs. Currently ready for adoption are four wonderful dogs, each of them featured on a special page, or you can just click on their names. They are Dusty, Kaia, Mona and Prince.  Your assistance in any way is gratefully appreciated.

Dogs and Horse smPrince and Mona saying hello to Snowflake the pony

If you are interested in adopting our animals, please call Ursula Hart of Haven of the Heart at (905) 936-3055 and leave a message. Thank you!


January 23, 2013

Haven’s Waif – Class of Summer 2012

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Sadie arrived with his sisters at the Haven in the summer of 2012, they were featured for adoption and we are happy to say that they all found wonderful forever homes.  We also made sure that their mother dog was spayed by arranging the surgery and paying the vet bill.

Sadie is now 8 months old, she lives with 2 other dogs who make great playmates. Sadie’s dad Derek told us that he adopted a dog from the Haven 10 years ago, a Sheltie/Collie named Sheba who crossed over the rainbow bridge at an old age of 14. He obviously has faith in Ursula Hart and off he adopted another puppy from her. The rest, they say, is history.

Here are some recent pictures of Sadie in her new home.

Sadie 5 monthsSadie at 5 month old

Sadie and DiesalSadie with playmate Diesel

Sadie 7 monthsSadie – such a pretty girl

It is so wonderful to see our haven’s waifs happy and healthy in their forever homes! Bless you all!

Haven’s Waif – Class of Spring 2011

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This is Jasper, a Shepherd/Collie who along with his many siblings, were rescued by Ursula in Spring 2011. He was adopted to a loving home and grew up to be one handsome creature! Here is what Jasper’s mom Samantha writes about him.

“He is the biggest suck ever, loves everybody and everything, he is very smart and very obedient. Loves to play fetch and chew on his ball amongst other toys, but his chuck it ball is his favorite, he is also a complete water lover! He loves walks, he get 3hrs of walk a day, what a lucky guy! oh and my 3 year old cat Bella, I’m convinced is his girlfriend, they always cuddle up and sleep together.”

Pups 5

(Above) One of these blonde puppies was Jasper, when he first came to the Haven with his littermates




We are truly happy to see Jasper in his new home surrounded by toys, cat girlfriend and most of all, so much love!

January 1, 2013

Our New Year Wish

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May the new year bring us love and strength to continue caring for those who cannot speak for themselves.

– Ursula & the Haven Waifs

Retriever Pups feeding

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