January 30, 2014

Charcoal the Arctic Vortex Rescue

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A friend of the Haven is asking us to help find a suitable home for her rescue cat Charcoal, now waiting for adoption at Furry Friends Shelter in Barrie. Please read the story and help if you can.  Blessings  – Ursula 

“His name is Charcoal and we had sheltered and fed him outside last winter.  This fall three babies turned up along with him so we got traps and captured them all, took them in to be spayed and neutered and we are taming the three young cats.

Charcoal wouldn’t let us near him outside but once he started recovering from his operation he turned out to be quite friendly so was obviously a domestic cat at one time.  He also tested positive for FIV which meant we couldn’t take him as we already had two cats.  The vet kept him for over a week but they needed him moved.  I tried everywhere but couldn’t place him.  In the meantime Furry Friends had brought another FIV cat to the vet and he had to be placed in the same cage as Charcoal. Well, didn’t they bond with each other.  The good news is they are now together at Furry Friends looking for a home.

He is about three years old and he was rescued out of this “Arctic Vortex” winter in January.  He has been neutered and is used to other cats but needs to be in a home by himself or with other cats that have FIV.  He definintely needs to be an indoor cat.  For anyone interested they will need to contact Furry Friends in Barrie at 705-792-4911 or contact them on their website http://www.furryfriendsshelter.org “



  1. Thank goodness the cat is rescued and in the warm.
    I hope he finds a good home.

  2. Kathy LAHAY said,

    I’m am so sorry to tell you that I will not be able to take in “Charcoal”. I have 4 cat’s already and I none of my cat’s are FIV positive. I cannot risk my cat’s getting this. I so wish I could, am at our limit. Financially as I am only working a mere 4 hours a week.


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