April 17, 2014

A Tribute to My Dear Friends

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2013 has been a most challenging year for me both physically and emotionally. Not only did I lose several of my beloved geriatric animal companions but also two of my longest and closest human friends, Merlin Andrew and Maria Davies.

Our friendship, which was rooted in animal welfare, spanned four and a half decades. Both came to the rescue following the tornado that ravaged our area on May 31, 1985. I had gathered up over 30 injured dogs and nearly as many cats in the evening hours following the tornado. We were left without power and hence had no water, nor light. Maria, although already advanced in years, arrived at my farm after midnight with candles, a small lantern, extra blankets and towels and many jugs of water. We spent the dimly lit night soaking wounds, cleaning eyes, noses and ears and feeding those that were hungry. At 6 am, Maria had to head back to work at her farm, where she operated a kennel. Shortly thereafter Merlin arrived and helped transport those animals that required surgery to the appropriate clinics. That year I took in over 300 displaced animals, most of which were abandoned by their owners on account of injury that required costly medical care. Many I returned to their original owners once their wounds had healed.

Sadly, both Maria and Merlin passed away last year, leaving a huge void in my heart and in the hearts of many whom they inspired to persevere in helping those that are abandoned and abused. I will miss them both but I know that Maria and Merlin will always be with me in spirit guarding the Haven with unfettered feistiness under watchful eyes.

– Ursula

Merlin Danforth Greens



April 1, 2014

Keep On Smiling

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I don’t know where the year has gone but what a whirlwind of a year it was. Many new animals have arrived, dogs, cats, horses, sheep, chickens and a lone Billy goat. Our vet bills were astronomical, but thanks to your support, we continue to work at keeping them safe, healthy and happy.

The weather finally warmed up to allow us some photo-op to show off our beautiful critters. Read about Lady, Shadow, Hector and Destiny, Beau, and not to forget the little tabby in our bathroom… they are just a handful of wonderful treasures waiting to be discovered here at the Haven. They so deserve a new forever home.

I hope you enjoy this photograph of Quentin and me, we are celebrating Quentin’s 16th anniversary with us. Don’t you just love our big big smiles?

Quentin 1998


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