May 25, 2014

Create Your Own Dog Haven

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We are posting this on behalf of a friend of the Haven’s, Animal Behaviourist Kerry Vinson, whom you might remember, gave a seminar on “Assessing Canine Behaviour Problems” back in 2012 to help benefit our cause.

Kerry owns a piece of country property in Northumberland County which comes with a beautiful house situated among 50 acres of trees, woodland trails and a spring fed pond, but most important of all for doglovers, it has 2 acres of securely fenced area where pooches, including those adopted from the Haven of course, can roam free and play. And the good news is… this property is now for sale!

If you’ve always dreamed of having your own dog haven, this might be the one.

KerryV Pond

KerryV Deck

KerryV House


For more information: Property Brochure


May 20, 2014

Who’d kiss this Prince?

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Our big boy Prince is very sad these days, since his best friend Mona was adopted out a couple of weeks ago.  We are glad that Mona finally found her forever home, but Prince is devastated by her absence.  He went off food and we had to hand-feed him to try to console him in every possible way.  Prince is a handsome shepherd with a gentle disposition.  He loves to play with other dogs, as seen here running with Mona in earlier days.  This handsome Prince deserves a lot of hugs and kisses, and his own forever home.  Please visit his adoption page.

Flying dogs2 sm

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