June 30, 2014

Quinton – My Sweetie from Hell

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Good ol’ Quinton just turned 19. Yes, One Nine!!!! And he is still as spunky as ever.

Quinton came to the Haven as a young dog with aggression issues, he was not probably trained, socialized, or that he could have been a victim of abuse .  With patience and love, I slowly worked with him to correct his aggressive behaviour in the hope of finding him a suitable home.  I succeeded and Quinton was adopted out to a lady who cared for him well, until she fell ill one day and ultimately had to be taken care of by caregivers in her own home. During this time for over a year, I was told that there were numerous caregivers coming in and out of the house, some may not have been sympathetic to an emotionally-neglected and mentally-confused dog.  It was during that period when Quinton reverted to his fear aggression and became a dog from hell.  He attacked when someone lifted a purse, a comb and he attacked when he was startled by a sudden hand movement.  If confronted at that time, he would urinate out of fear.  My suspicion was that he had been beaten or struck by various objects.  He learned that if he bit, he would be left alone.

It had become clear that the lady could no longer manage Quinton and I immediately offered to take him back.  When they arrived at the sanctuary, the lady and a companion immerged from the car, pointed to the backseat and said, “We don’t know how to get him out without being bitten…”, so I opened the car door and called his name, “Quinton!” and out jumped an overjoyed Quinton from the back of the car, took a flying leap right into my arms.  I caught him in mid air and he immediately started to whine and squeal and howl and bark, as if to tell me what he had gone through these past 2 years. There I held him tight and listened to his complaints for a very long time, much to the astonishment of our audience.

A few other attempts to find him a forever home were proven unsuccessful, as I am usually persistant in placing young dogs to give them a chance for home, rather than living in a kennel for the rest to their lives.  But Quinton out did me with his tenacity and that meant I was very much stuck with this “dog from hell”.

19 years later, he still leaps into my arms. We laugh, we smile, we howl, we squeal when I hold him, sometimes we even sing!

Quentin 19


June 25, 2014

We were spared by the tornado

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I just want to thank everyone for the phone calls and concern regarding yesterday’s tornado ripping through nearby areas.  We are very fortunate to be spared and the Haven’s critters: dogs, cats, horses, sheep, geese, ducks, barn mice and me, are all safe.

Blessings, Ursula

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