October 29, 2014

Keep Our Waifs in Mind

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Please keep our waifs in mind when you are ready to adopt a pet.  We have many beautiful adult cats that would love your attention. Other critters such as Simon, Hector and Beau are sitting nicely in the kennels waiting for their forever homes. Please call 905-936-3055 if you can help them.


Simon the Cat







  1. Fransi Andersson said,

    Oh Ursula IT looks WONDROUS..ITS Fransi Andersson LOVing owner of BENNI! spectacular OTTERHOUND from your HAVEN ..And Sancho Ponza best labby and BOnnie and Clyde… bloodhounds etc. etc.

    I am thank the LORD free.. from 2 very bad boy husbands and last time we met Bennie had brought me home from Vancouver island and Berkley California then 2 years later gone to heaven beautifully in my arms to Chopin in my Bedroom…

    I have since rescued Ed my first small 28 lb Rasta Dog Dreadlocks and 5 mixes I’d say Biggest rascal of all 12 years and some and continuous expensive no cured itchy issues and elephant black skin but healthy and happy.

    PICKLE THE DOG in CHURCHILL has given me a reason to continue on in life.. My car was hit by a 30 ton food truck at 70 k and hour and knocked 300 ft into an SUV. Both drivers charged and truck owner. Currrently I’m nearly 2 years in a nasty lawsuit against 3people.. and still in rehab.. multiple fractures and concussion etc but healing thanks to PICKLE. YOUR NEW SANCTUARY looks GLORIOUS. I would LOVE to visit if possible as i drive now and have a replacement car.

    PICKLE has been inspirational and HE is a 13 and some …a mix of ShepHerd and Golden lab. HE had been 130 lbs now 85 due to his owner and has had a life of hell but smiles and grins and so FULL OF love.. George his owner is a combo of all the bad guys I’ve met to date and 85 years old..The humane was called by some woman who tried to steal Pickle and prior snuck in a vet to the garage pretending he was going to build a dog house…

    …They say I have a brain injury so apologiize for mistakes and hopefuly you will get this and we can connect, YOUR DOGS gave me my reason to be BEFORE so you are MOST SPECIAL Ursula.

    LOve Fransi

    • havenoftheheart said,

      We apologize for editing and shortening this comment, Fransi. I read the full-length version and will contact you to catch up. Thank you so much for your kind words. Love, Ursula

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