October 29, 2014

We’ve Moved Haven and Earth

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It has been a very busy summer for us here at Haven of the Heart.  We have been packing, loading, unloading, cleaning and organizing for our big move to a larger farm in the nearby area.  The new facility allows us more land to properly accommodate our aging horses, donkeys and sheep in larger barns and stables, which is one of the reasons for our relocation. Our kennels and dog runs are also better designed for maintenance and allow more freedom for the dogs to exercise.  We also have newer facilities to house the countless number of cats, many of which are seniors way in their advance years and are hard to find homes for.

Regardless of the large facility, our capacity is filled to the brim with senior animals, many of them have ongoing health issues and will likely be permanent residents here with us.  We have always set our mission as an “Animal Sanctuary” rather than a shelter, hence we duly fulfill our commitment to keep them happy, healthy and safe. However, we do have dogs and cats available for adoption, so please keep us in mind when you are ready for a new pet.  You can call us or check our Adoption Pages on the website.

Haven of the Heart is a registered charity and depends in the main on the generosity of adoptive families and other concerned animal lovers. We are grateful to those who have supported the care of our waifs.

Here are some pictures of the Haven waifs in their new home.  Enjoy!

Prince and background

Hershey Emma LJ







  1. Ursula, hope that you and all the Waifs will enjoy your new home — looks terrific! Can you provide the new address, both physical and mailing? We’ve got 3 large boxes of blankets and bedding to get up to you soon as I have time so will look forward to seeing the new place!!
    Liz & Bill

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Liz and Bill, Sorry we didn’t see this earlier. Thank you so much for the thoughts. Please call us at 905-936-3055.

  2. monica reynolds said,

    Hi Ursula,
    Congratulations on the move to your new home, the animals look great and they look very happy, hope all is going well for you,
    Monica (Leamington)

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