December 21, 2014

Warm Thoughts on a Winter Day

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Dearest Friends,

As I write this note, snow is falling softly, casting a white veil on our reposing earth. The dogs are anxious to head out to play while the cats are watching from their cozy beds near the hearth. Only the arrival of bold blue jays at the feeders persuade them to leave their plush beds and line up at the windows, tails quivering and mouths trembling.

Many thanks for your generosity to our waifs. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Please note our new mailing address as 1219 Concession Road 3 Adjala, R.R.1, Palgrave, Ontario L0N 1P0. Yes indeed we have relocated every one of our nearly 300 waifs to a larger and newer facility just around the corner. It was a gargantuan task that look many months to complete and is slowly coming to fruition. We have wonderful new buildings for our horses and farm animals and cozy new places for our cats and dogs. By Christmas we should have a large riding arena completed which we will use as a loafing arena for our very old horses during foul weather conditions. This way they can exercise themselves without being exposed to freezing rain and blustery winds. It shall be a dream come true.

It’s been a good year all in all even though we did lose a number of our canine and feline geriatric babes. Winston, a flame and white tabby and Dexter, a long-haired grey and white were both in their mid 20’s when they passed on. TomTom, a feral tom cat who befriended me several years ago whilst in need of medical treatment has had a relapse. His tumor has returned and his recovery lies in limbo. In early spring we said goodbye to my beloved sidekick Ben, a beautiful shepherd collie who had been with me since 1998. Then in October my most beloved little Jack Russell, Bullseye succumbed to renal failure. He had been with me since the mid ’90s. Bully had a most colourful history of adoptions and returns that ranged from brief overnighters to several months at best. Although Bully gave the impression of being the most endearing little pup, he was all terror when challenged and would fight to the death if confronted. I could devote an entire book to the little gaffer’s antics that would always culminate with his return to us. After at least half a dozen unsuccessful adoptions and the most unbelievable tales of woe I decided to keep the little imp with us at the Haven where he obviously wanted to be. He was always there, happy, tail wagging, bouncing into our arms. He had a good long life with us and its hard to think of him as gone.

Our adoptions have been slow but steady. It isn’t always easy to find new homes for aging pets. Thanks to one of our volunteers, Mimi who manages our website, our animals can be viewed online. Mimi is not only a good friend of many years but also a longtime owner of numerous haven waifs.

Once again my most heartfelt gratitude for your kind assistance. Blessings and love from all furry, feathered, two and four legged waifs and their human keepers.

– Ursula



  1. monica reynolds said,

    Dear Ursula,
    this is a beautiful posting and I see that you have moved, good to hear that all is well, sorry to hear of your losses – we have had a rough year too, losing some of our beloved and senior pets,

    I don’t know if Bernice is still in Toronto??

    I know that you have lost your Mum, that is a hard time at the Christmas holidays, I miss my Mum so very much,
    anyway, I want to wish you all the very best and a healthy and happy 2015,
    think of you so often,


    • ursula said,

      Thank you, Monica, for your kind words and good wishes. It would appear that we have both weathered some rough times. May 2015 be kind to us all. Blessings always,

      • monica reynolds said,

        and the same to you too! wish I lived closer!!!!

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