January 12, 2015

What’s New In the New Year?

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Finally. A new arena to ring in 2015 at Haven of the Heart!

It has been my dream and it is finally completed!!! We will use it as a loafing arena for our very old horses during foul weather conditions. This way they can exercise themselves without being exposed to freezing rain and blustery winds. It is indeed a dream come true!


Also new are our two minis, Deedee and Hercules, who are constantly looking out for attention. I also want to show off our 38 year old beautiful Arabian filly Fancy, who always fancies to be on camera.  Strike a pose, Fancy!



Our chores are endless but we at the Haven find joy in making sure that our animals are safe, happy and healthy. Unfortunately our work is never done. There are always animals, due to difficult circumstances, in need of loving forever homes. Please take the time to check our Adoption Pages and spread the word.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!




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  1. monica reynolds said,

    oh! Ursula, this all looks so lovely and the horses are GORGEOUS!!!! so happy for you!!!

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