May 8, 2015

A Homeless Man’s Plea

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I received a phone call one evening at 8 pm and answered to the plea from a desperate homeless man about his dog, a 15 year-old labrador. They had been evicted and living on park benches for several weeks. The man was able to get shelter for himself, but they did not allow dogs.  Animal services required $50 up front to surrender an animal. It was a very sad situation.

I started phoning around frantically and was finally able to locate a contact person who was willing to step forward and help. By 10 pm, this wonderful gentleman had picked up the dog, brought it to his house for the night and drove him up to the Haven the following morning.  The homeless man, sad as he was for losing his companion, was able to stay at a shelter. We have the dog now, safe and sound. We are reaching out to you to find the kindness in your heart to help us help animals in difficult situations such as this, whether it be adopting, volunteering or donation, we are grateful.

Blessings, Ursula

Lab 15yo



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  2. Monica Reynolds said,

    Oh! Ursula, how heartbreaking is this??? I wish I was closer to you……..I pray that a loving home can be found for this dear dog……………..we had sad news yesterday, trying to save a 16 year old cocker spaniel in a shelter in the U.S……surrendered by elderly owner who is very ill, by the time we had someone to go and get the dog they had already put him to sleep…………….we are devastated………….they gave us no time to help………….they are just disposable……….so when I read about this dog it really hit a nerve………….good luck and fingers crossed XX

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