June 22, 2015

For the Love of Crunch

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We recently received a heartfelt letter from a disabled pensioner whose dog we helped during a time of need and urgency. Here is the story by Terri Tripp. Please share ~ Ursula

I am writing my story of my faithful companion Crunch my dog. On August 23rd of 2013 my dog became very ill. She was bleeding to death from her backside. I preceded to call my vet with whom I had dealt with for a few years and had spent a lot of money with the care of my pets, but because it was 6 days prior to my pension coming in, they refused to see her. I preceded to call around to other vets and got the same answer. With no money, none of the vets would even look at her to tell me why she was bleeding to death.

It was not till my son went on to the internet and came across Ursula Hart of Haven Of The Heart on Sunday August 25th. I placed a call to her to see if she could help me or advise me what to do. I was crying having to watch Crunch in this way and not knowing what to do. I thought vets were being vets because they loved animals, but I sure found out that this was not the case. It is only the money that they are interested in, not the welfare of your beloved pet. I am not saying that they should not be paid, but when you have been with a certain vet for years, there was no reason that they could not have seen Crunch to let me know what was wrong and what I could or should do. I would have given them the money on that Wednesday. I would gladly have made pay arrangements with them as well. How discouraged I felt when they would not even consider it. Needless to say they are no longer my vet.

Ursula called me back Sunday evening and after talking with her she had no problem sending me to an emergency vet to have her looked at. I immediately called the taxi company that I use all the time and they drove me for free knowing how desperate I was. However, when my pension came in, I gave them money back. Their kindness I will never forget… there was no hesitation on their part to drive me.

I got Crunch to the emergency vet and there I found out what was wrong with her. Ursula preceded to talk to the vet, gave the vet HER personal credit card and advised me what we should do. With no other choice I took Crunch to my vet and had an operation that fixed her and she survived. It was not her time to go, she wanted to live. The cost of operation and recovery time was astronomical! 

Terri crunch

I am writing this to ask for help for donations to help Ursula Hart with her foundation so that she can help other seniors like myself or families that run into similar situations with their beloved pet. Please feel free to read up on her plight for Crunch or google Haven of the Heart – Palgrave – Ontario. Ursula Hart has rescued many animals and is taking care of them all. Without people like her, these animals would have no life to live, so I am asking you to please visit her website and please donate to this worthy cause because without Ursula my beloved Crunch would have bled to death before my very eyes in my arms. This would have been a slow and painful death.

So I am asking you again to please help Ursula Hart of Haven of the Heart the next time you have that cup of coffee, even the cost of that would help her foundation because any amount is appreciated. Thank you for reading this and listening to the account of my beloved Crunch we thank you again.

Terri Tripp


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