June 24, 2015

Where is Our Human Compassion?

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I recently received a letter from Terri Tripp, a pensioner whom I helped during a time of her need. She wrote with conviction yet her words were filled with such gratitude that I decided to share her plight on our website (For the Love of Crunch). I also want to elaborate on how I helped Crunch, Terri’s beloved dog, through her ordeal.

During her initial illness, a severe pyometra, Crunch spent the first five days being transferred back and forth between her owner Terri Tripp’s vet clinic to an after-hours clinic. This was very costly and neither clinic was equipped for critical care cases.  I finally convinced Terri to allow me to transfer Crunch to a clinic a considerable distance away from where Terri Tripp lived, the Willowdale Animal Hospital, a 24 hour clinic that I highly recommend for critical care cases. This meant that Terri would not be able to visit Crunch daily, as she had no means of transportation and lived in another city.

It was however in Crunch’s best interest and there she stayed for about ten days or so until she was well enough to rejoin her owner. I never met Crunch nor Terri but I knew that unless Crunch received immediate attention, she would not have survived the night.  Although I had not anticipated the final cost of her recovery, I was convinced that it was the right thing to do, to help a desperate owner heal her ailing pet without shame or embarrassment.  

I receive calls of this nature quite frequently and it worries me greatly. Where is our human compassion? This year alone I’ve assisted with over a dozen similar pleas for help. All of the assisted surgeries were successful and the pets have gone on with living their lives either with their owners or with me here at the Haven. Compassion is a tremendously draining commitment, any financial assistance therefore is greatly appreciated.


Ursula Hart

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