August 2, 2015

From Homeless to Paradise

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This is the story of Beauty, the (former) homeless man’s dog. You first met her here, when she was driven to the Haven for temporary care.  Well, a few weeks after she arrived and settled in, her previous owner, who used to be homeless, asked for her return as he found himself a place to stay and was able to provide shelter for the dog.

So Beauty left and was reunited with her owner. Not soon enough, the owner called with concerns. He told us that she did not stop howling all through the day and night and was refusing food. Our concern was that she might be in pain. While she was staying with us, we noticed some growths around her mammary gland area and we thought perhaps that she might not be well. The owner was aware of that and he asked if we could care for her permanently, as he really thought that he could not afford to give her the proper care she deserved.

Back to the Haven came Beauty. The minute she arrived she zoomed around howling and barking. She ran to see the horses, ran to greet all her doggy friends and ran down to the pond for a swim. Once she settled down, she ate a big meal. No pain there.

To make this story short, we will let the pictures of her homecoming speak for themselves.  Beauty, the 15 year-old dog who used to be homeless, is now home.






Read about the health update on Beauty.

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