August 4, 2015

Should I spay or neuter my geriatric pet? Part 2

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Just recently I took in a dog from a homeless man, she is around 15 years of age in extremely good condition, a lovely dog by the name of Beauty. I took her on because the homeless man was looking for a room and shelter but he could not take the dog. I was able to find a volunteer who drove the dog from Toronto to my farm and I kept the dog for a while until the owner got his situation settled and they were renuited, however that did not work out and I ended up keeping Beauty with me.

I discovered later on that the dog came into heat, so she also had not been spayed (see Part 1). Once the dog had come out of heat, I had her spayed. In fact it was just 3 days ago that I picked her up from the vet, she was extremely jolly as I took pictures of her with a great big happy smile, she ate a little bit of food later on that day, but then the next morning she ate a large meal. I am very pleased to see that Beauty had come out of the surgery so well. Again, the reason why I had this dog spayed is because I did not want her to develop a pyometra, but this is just one hurdle down. Beauty also has numerous large tumours in the mammary glands, during the surgery when she was under anaesthetic, I had several chest X-rays done. The chest proved to be completely clear and we are now waiting to see whether hormonal reduction will reduce the size of these tumours. If that is the case it will be wonderful and we will leave well enough alone. If however the tumours are not reduced then we will have to excise the entire mammary gland ducts on the one side, a procedure I also had done to several older animals who have all survived. In part from the cost of the surgery, I would say it was an extreme worthwhile procedure because each of these animals in the past that has had it done had extreme quality of life. However with Beauty, we won’t decide until we see what is happening with the tumours. Perhaps just the lack of the hormone will reduce them. We are taking it one step at a time while keeping our fingers and paws crossed.

Beautiful girl resting after surgery.

Beautiful girl resting after surgery.

Getting some post-op beauty sleep and dreaming of food.

Getting some post-op beauty sleep and dreaming of food.



  1. Jack said,

    Hi is snoopy the beagle still available?

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Snoopy is still here with us. Please call me during the day and I can tell you more about him. Thx, Ursula 905-936-3055

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