September 4, 2015

We Are On Facebook

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We decided to create a Facebook page to advocate for animal welfare and injustice. Please give us a Like and help us spread the word of compassion for animals.



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  1. Jovanna said,

    Hi to whom it may concern,
    I have a next door neighbor who owns a 12 yr old lab/boarder collie mix, who lives outside 365 days a yr. The dogs name is Sam and I feel very bad for this dog.I have checked the Ontario laws for how a dog can be kept and as long as they have a shelter of some sort, water and food when the human society gets there nothing can be done about how the dog lives.I have a German Shepard who does not get along with other dogs and also help take care of a sick cat two weeks out of the month which makes it very hard to take him in myself. The owner has stated that he has no other option then to put him down because no one is willing to take him because he has one strike against him for defending his home when a man walked in unannounced in the summer time.when my dog is away I bring him in my home and have seen the way he interacts and I do agree he needs some trainin when it comes to interacting with people, but then I’m not a dog expert and it might just be the fact he’s aloNE with no interaction every day of his life.he is loving and loves to cuddle which shows me all he wants is a nice warm place with someone to love. Please if you can help me get him into a loving home where he will be cared for appropriately I would be most grateful and I’m sure he will be too.

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