December 20, 2015

Saving Kingston

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Meet Kingston, a young shepherd who was found injured three or four weeks ago and was taken to an area pound. He was not doing well and I agreed to take care of him.

I had x-rays done which indicated spinal compression possibly from injury. He is a bit too young for spinal myelopathy. Our next step will be to arrange for MRI, hopefully he will be a candidate for decompression surgery.

He walks very wobbly like with myelopathy but feels pain in critical area. He is on analgesic and anti-inflammatory meds and doing very well, but will need further treatments once all the tests are done and we know more. We just can’t keep a young dog on meds forever.

He has the sweetest disposition, he loves everyone and everything, even the squirrels.




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  1. Claudine said,

    awww KIngston u are in the best possible place. ❤

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