December 30, 2015


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A while back, I had dropped in at the vet quite serendipitously to pay a bill. While waiting at reception, in walked a chap with this beautiful 15 yr old lab boxer mix. The dog hurried towards me all licks and wags and I commented on his great condition.  The owner and the dog walked into the examination room.  A few minutes later while I was still waiting, I overheard the vet speak of euthanasia.  I was shocked to think that this lively sweetie should meet an untimely death, later to find out that the dog could no longer hold his urine while the owner was away at work and euthanasia was to be the solution.

I asked the vet if she thought the owner would consider allowing me to take the dog home.  A few seconds later an elated owner with happy dog emerged from the room thanking me profusely for helping out.  I shouldn’t even have been at the vet that day but I think fate guided me to a dog who had a very strong desire to remain alive.

Gizmo is an easy dog to care for.  He loves his food, his walks and gets on well with both dogs and cats. I let him out several times throughout the day and have had no accidents.  He would make a fine companion dog for a senior, who enjoyed long walks.

If you are reading this, then perhaps Gizmo is your serendipity too.



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