June 14, 2016

We’re Having a HayDay

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Honk Honk! As soon as the hay truck pulls up at the main gate, Curious Norman will trot over anxiously to await his hay.  Once the truck stops, Norman will help “unload” the “goods” with his sidekick Barney the Pony.  Norman works the upper deck and Barney takes care of the lower deck. They are like a couple of equine forklifts.

While others are busy unloading the hay truck, Little Joey is usually busy following people or other critters around like a Walmart Greeter. He is one charismatic little pony. Can you imagine someone would actually sell him at St. Jacob’s Farmers Market to be slaughtered for meat? Fortunately a guardian angel in the form of a good samaritan purchased him and brought him to us. He is battling some very serious respiratory illnesses from having been kept in a poor dusty condition and was once malnourished. We will do our best to keep him healthy and happy here.

Like Norman, Barney, Joey and many others, our rescued horses came from all sorts of despicable environment, some were minutes away from being sent to the glue factory or slaughter house, some were abused and neglected. To us at the Haven, they are god sent. Their grace resonates a sense of peace and serenity that channels throughout our land and for that, we are grateful.


On a pragmatic note, we do go through 50 square bales a day. Do the math on that along with over $800 per week of grain, even with “free” horse-powered labour like Norman and Barney, that is a substantial expense to upkeep. We do appreciate your continuous help and support in keeping these animals safe and happy, we are most grateful for your donations. Let’s make everyday a HayDay for our rescued horses!


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