September 21, 2016

It’s A Long Way Ahead To Safe Haven

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Haven of the Heart is supporting a fundraising campaign to secure the cost of transport of two orphaned rescued puppies from Bulgaria to Canada.

Dani and Moni were rescued from the streets in Bulgaria by our volunteer Diana, who was visiting family there this past summer. The mother dog was horrifically killed by a car. Her puppies would have been left in the street to die.  As if it was fate, Diana managed to rescue them off to safety and temporary boarding them at a local veterinarian clinic in Varna. She searched for adoption organizations locally and in neighbouring European countries but to no prevail.

Back in Canada, Diana told me that she was heartbroken. She had to leave them behind. The boarding facility made it clear that if she could not find them a home by October, they would be “thrown back into the streets.” They are trapped in a kennel with nowhere to go.

Here is my logic: If destiny intends for these two puppies to be under Diana’s care, then we should all help to make it happen.

Haven of the Heart, with the help of volunteers, is supporting a fundraising campaign to secure the cost of Diana’s return trip and the transport of her precious furry cargo to a safe haven in Canada.

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