December 28, 2016

Cats at the Haven

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It’s truly like CATS, the broadway musical! Our feline residents are mostly abandoned and/or surrendered to us, very often because of sickness that requires expensive treatments, or they would have been senselessly put down.

We have an overwhelming total of 150 cats occupying 8 catteries, and although we try our best to keep them warm and comfortable, it has taken its toll on our expenses with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Like CATS the musical, we have:  Practical cats, Dramatical cats, Pragmatical cats, Fanatical cats, Oratorical cats, Delphioracle cats, Skeptical cats, Dispeptical cats, Romantical cats, Pedantical cats, Critical cats, Allegorical cats, Metaphorical cats, Statistical cats and Mystical cats… just to name a few.

Your donations will help us with the expenses on their upkeep, many are elderly cats living their 9 lives and require constant medical care. Your support would be deeply appreciated.

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