January 17, 2017

I am strong when I’m on your shoulders

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urshenryHenry has been with us for MANY years charming visitors with his extreme affection, clinging to shoulders, nibbling on ears and hair and giving plenty of wet kisses with his tongue. Sadly Henry succumbed to kidney failure late last night just a few minutes before midnight. He was next to me on a pillow.

Henry had been battling this old age ailment on and off for several years. We used to feed him a very costly liquid diet designed for renal failure cats but for no known reason the manufacturer halted its production. In spite of fluid therapy and constant monitoring Henry’s frail body succumbed. There’s a rift in my heart.

Oddly I had a call from a rescuer in North Cyprus quite early this morning asking for help in relocating 57 cats as she is returning to Canada and has only space for her dogs. We will try to help her find homes for them. If there’s a Henry look-alike amongst the group I know where he’ll end up.

Rest in peace, my darling boy.


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  1. debenn said,

    Am so sorry to hear about your wonderful cat ‘Henry’ & his passing…so sorry!

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