April 16, 2017

Munchkin Matters

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A few months ago I took in a kitten that nobody wanted, what else is new?

I named her Munchkin because she was born small and deformed. She has tiny Bassett hound-like legs like a dwarf, but most serious of all, she was born with facial bone deformity. Due to malformation of the facial bone, she could not eat properly and her right eye was forced shut, so technically she was blind in one eye.  In order for her to lead a normal life, she would need facial reconstruction. That was when my “Ursula’s logic” kicked in, of course Munchkin was going to get her operation, even if it drained our struggling budget. Her challenges became my challenges. Munchkin matters!

A highly-skilled veterinary surgeon performed the reconstruction surgery, during which her jaw had to be cut, saliva and tear duct glands had to be relocated. Gold plates were inserted to form eye socket.  It was a highly specialized procedure that was costly but worthwhile.  As you can see from the pre- and post-surgery photos (warning: graphic images), the surgery deemed a huge success.

I hope you share my logic in helping animals, I am very grateful for your well wishes and financial support, your donation is much appreciated.  Munchkin may be small in stature but her will to live towers over all adversities. When Munchkin says she matters, we should all listen. Just look at her now!

“Because they exist they have value and deserve to be here.” ~ Ursula Hart

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