August 11, 2017

Here We Goat Again

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The Haven’s tribe of goats comes in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Take Rudy for instance, he is half dog half needy-child. While others usually stare (to see if I am with food), Rudy follows me like a dog, often leans on my leg if I stop. When the food truck arrives, and by food truck I mean the hay wagon, Rudy is often the first to strut his mountain goat superpower, leaps on top to claim his conquest (of what I do not know).

Our goats were mostly rescues from being slaughtered, we took them in even when the Haven struggled with over-capacity caring for abandoned and abused animals.

We thank you for your continued support in keeping our animals safe and well-fed, your generosity is what keeps the hay wagon coming and ensures Rudy a place high up in the bales.

Like they say, when the goating gets tough, the goats keep eating! 

Blessings, Ursula


Rudy – Hay Inspector


Rudy Hay Inspector


Stares – Where is George Clooney?





The tree doesn’t stand a chance

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