December 29, 2017

From Bulgaria to Canada

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Back in September of last year, we sponsored the transport of two abandoned orphan puppies from Bulgaria. Their mother, a stray in the streets of Varna, was horrifically killed by a car. You can revisit the puppies’ rescue and their journey here.

Ursula Hello

Arrived at the Haven after a long flight

Moni and Dani spent their childhood at the Haven, learning to socialize with both people and other dogs. Here they grew up to be a pair of handsome boys, healthy and happy, as they were destined to be. Watch this video of Moni and Dani playing in the Haven.

Finally this summer, they both found their forever loving homes. Moni and his best buddy Jax are inseparable at home, he enjoys swimming and loves to play with other dogs that he meets in his walks.

Moni Jax2

Moni in his new home with his new bff Jax


Dani is adjusting well with his new family who are thrilled to have him.  He loves to chase ball, frisbee and sometimes his two human brothers in their big backyard. How fun is that?


Dani resting after chasing his human brothers around

I write this with tears in my eyes, and count my every blessing that fate came through so wonderfully well for these two little waifs.

– Ursula



December 21, 2017

Twelve Days of Haven

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To all our supporters and animal lovers, the critters at Haven of the Heart wish you  happy holidays and a new year filled with love and joy!

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On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

  • 12 Critters Waiting
  • 11 Horses Nagging
  • 10 Vet Bills Piling
  •   9 Duckies Laying
  •   8 Puppies Pooping
  •   7 Billies Butting
  •   6 Cows a-Mooing
  •   5 Furry Tails
  •   4 Calling Birds
  •   3 Wooless Sheep
  •   2 Best Friends
  •   And a Slimy Chewed Up Ball!



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