July 26, 2016


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My previous post was about an elderly German Shepherd I rescued from the pound and nursed back to health. This post is about two angels in the form of two sweet little girls, who suggested to their parents that this dog be named Stella and that she should “come home and live with us as she is such a gentle appreciative soul”.

Stella was old and left unclaimed at the pound with a serious illness, the chance for being adopted was slim, she would be overlooked and sad to say, she would have been put to sleep. With your support and donations, I was able to take her in, the rest I left to fate. Within a month, she has a wonderful new home and is much loved and doted on by two little girls.

“Because they exist they have value and deserve to be here.”


December 20, 2015

Saving Kingston

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Meet Kingston, a young shepherd who was found injured three or four weeks ago and was taken to an area pound. He was not doing well and I agreed to take care of him.

I had x-rays done which indicated spinal compression possibly from injury. He is a bit too young for spinal myelopathy. Our next step will be to arrange for MRI, hopefully he will be a candidate for decompression surgery.

He walks very wobbly like with myelopathy but feels pain in critical area. He is on analgesic and anti-inflammatory meds and doing very well, but will need further treatments once all the tests are done and we know more. We just can’t keep a young dog on meds forever.

He has the sweetest disposition, he loves everyone and everything, even the squirrels.



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