A Safe Haven


Haven of the Heart is an animal sanctuary located on a farm near Palgrave, Ontario, Canada.  It is a safe haven for a menagerie that includes dogs, cats, horses and a variety of domestic animals and fowl, all under the watchful eye of Ursula Hart, founder and guardian of the sanctuary.

Haven of the Heart is a registered charity and depends in the main on the generosity of adoptive families and other concerned animal lovers.  We are grateful to those who have either offered a forever home to one of our waifs or who have supported the care of our waifs via a financial contribution. Our Charitable number is 88803-1242-RR0001, our address is 1219 Concession Rd. 3, Adjala, R.R. #1 Palgrave, Ontario, Canada L0N 1P0.  We gratefully accept cheques as well as Online Donations.

Please check our Haven Blog for updates, as well as Petfinder which feature our animals available for adoption. We are also on Facebook.

Blessings and love to all from the Haven Waifs and their humble keeper,

Ursula Hart


  1. Sara said,

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Ursula via email? I have an inquiry.


  2. Terrilynn said,


    I need some help, and I’m not sure what to do… I found a baby raccoon, about a month and half ago..
    I’ve tried contacting numerous rehabilitation centers and no one will help me.

    so in the mean time I’ve been looking after this little girl.
    she was approx 4 weeks old when I found her, alone, wet and hungry. I watched for over an hour and I couldn’t find any other raccoons. It was pouring rain and she could barely walk, so I brought her home and started bottle feeding her. she’s now wiend and is eating solids, I’m limiting my time with her, and trying to get her to live wild.

    my question is would you or anyone you know be able to take her?
    Thanks for your time🙂

    • Lynn Rainford said,

      You could try the Toronto Wildlife Centre, I believe it is in the Downsview Park at Keele and Sheppard… Look them up on the internet.. Sorry can’t tell you much more.

    • Gina said,

      Here is a list of local rehabbers who take raccoons. Work your way down the list and you will find help. You will most likely have to deliver her as these are all volunteers who are focused on caring for the animals.

      Procyon Wildlife Beeton 30 Mins 905-729-0033
      Night wings Toronto, Claremont 50 mins 905-649-1234
      Sheri Cox Guelph 1 Hour 416-577-4372
      Shortcut to Serenity Stayner 1 Hour 705-428-6116
      Shades of Hope Peferlaw 1.1 Hours 705-437-4654

      Good luck

      • Jan Clare said,

        My neighbour just took 6 baby squirrels to Shades of Hope in Pefferlaw. They were given a postcard with the file # of the babies and an e/m so they could check in to see how they were doing. 2 unfortunately crossed The Rainbow Bridge, but the other 4 are doing well. Seems like a very good place.

    • Dog Mom said,

      Here is a list of local rehabbers. Just work your way down the list and you should find help. The Toronto Wildlife center takes raccoons from the Toronto area only as they only have so much room and fill up fast. Keep in mind you may have to deliver her. These are all volunteers who are busy caring for the animals.

      Procyon Wildlife Beeton 30 Mins 905-729-0033
      Sheri Cox Guelph 1 Hour 416-577-4372
      Shortcut to Serenity Stayner 1 Hour 705-428-6116
      Shades of Hope Peferlaw 1.1 Hours 705-437-4654
      Aspen Valley Roseau 2.5 Hours 705-732-6368
      Woodlands Wildlife Minden 2.5 Hours 705-286-1133

      • havenoftheheart said,

        Thank you very much for the info, it is very helpful.

  3. Lynn Rainford said,

    Lynn Armstrong Rainford
    Today at 10:15am

    .We live in Toronto and rescued a 2 year old feral silver tabby off the streets. She had a badly fractured right front leg. We took her to the Toronto Humane society and they were caring enough to do the surgery for free but had no choice but to amputate the leg. She is back with us and she has healed beautifully, but now we need to find a home for her with someone special also.. She is still leery of people so will need a very patient person.. She would never be able to survive outside again as a feral, because she was not doing so well with her broken leg. We are unable to keep her as we have four of our own and are also trying to find homes for two feral kittens that we also rescued. We are seniors and can only take on so much, but hate to see them suffering on the streets. Could someone please help us. Thank you.. I have pictures but can’t seem to be able to transfer them to the computer as I don’t have the cable for that… Sorry.. But she is a beauty

  4. Alex said,

    Hi Ursula,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for Fate. Our new dog who is absolutely wonderful. She gets along with the dogs at the dog park and loves her morning strolls with me. She has clicked so lovely with the cats. She is even respectful of our 3-legged cat. You knew exactly what we were looking for and took the time and patience with us. Thank you so much for everything. What a wonderful organization.

    Thank you.

    • Sue Hogarth said,

      Hi Ursula, We are sorry to let you know that the cat that we adopted from you 7 or 8 years ago has passed on from cancer. We enjoyed his playful purring nature. Here he is with Callie our stray from the fields behind 0 our home David K and Sue H

  5. Cathy said,

    Hi….I adopted two lovely cats, Smokey and Celeste (who were about 10 years old at the time) 13 years ago from Ursula. Celeste passed away 3 years ago, and Smokey just passed away 3 weeks ago. They were such sweet cats, got along great, and were very loving! We will be adopting from Ursula again. 🙂

  6. Mark Greenberg said,

    Hi Ursula, a friend from Costa Rica just posted some pictures and videos about The Land of the Strays. It’s a place in Costa Rica where 900 dogs are looked after. I thought you’d enjoy seeing the pictures/videos. Just Google The Land of the Strays.
    All the best,
    Mark Greenberg

  7. Melissa said,

    Hi Ursula,
    I work with children and youth with special needs and I am wondering if you allow people to visit and/or volunteer at your sanctuary. I think that this would be a great learning opportunity. Please let me know!


    • Catriona said,

      I would also like to know this as I work for a school.

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