Haven of the Heart is an animal sanctuary located on a farm near Palgrave, Ontario, Canada.  It is a safe haven for a menagerie that includes dogs, cats, horses and a variety of domestic animals and fowl, all under the watchful eye of Ursula Hart, founder and guardian of the sanctuary.

Haven of the Heart is a registered charity and depends in the main on the generosity of adoptive families and other concerned animal lovers.  We are grateful to those who have either offered a forever home to one of our waifs or who have supported the care of our waifs via a financial contribution. Our Charitable number is 88803-1242-RR0001, our address is 1219 Concession Rd. 3, Adjala, R.R. #1 Palgrave, Ontario, Canada L0N 1P0.  We gratefully accept cheques as well as Online Donations.

Please check our Haven Blog for updates, as well as Petfinder which feature our animals available for adoption. We are also on Facebook.

Blessings and love to all from the Haven Waifs and their humble keeper,

Ursula Hart



  1. Kyla Ross-day said,

    Hiya! I’m a highschool student who has wanted to volunteer at your animal sanctuary for a few years now… do you do volunteers?
    I have experience working with animals and have a few pets at home that i help take care of.
    Please get back if you allow volunteers and if I would be considered for one.

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Hi Kyla, please speak with Ursula regarding volunteering request at (905) 936-3055. Thanks – Admin

  2. Diana said,


    It is with great sadness that our family is in a predicament. We no longer feel we can care for our beloved French bulldog Oliver. Due to his behavioural issues ( over protectiveness of our children towards strangers) we are seeking help in rehoming him. This is not the first time we have been through this. This has been years of second chances and unfortunately our hands are tied. We love him dearly but so, long as our young children are in the picture we cannot have visitors or family members come over due to his over protectiveness.

    Please let me know if we can surrender him to your sanctuary. Putting him in a pound is out of the question because, of course we love him and wouldn’t have the heart to do that to him.

    • havenoftheheart said,

      We are so sorry to hear that Diana, could we just have a little more info? How old is Oliver? Are you near the Palgrave area? Toronto, GTA etc? You can reply here or email us at havenoftheheart1@gmail.com and we will forward all the info to Ursula Hart. Thanks! – Admin

    • havenoftheheart said,

      You can call Ursula at 905-936-3055 to discuss if you wish – Admin

  3. Please email an application for adoption

  4. Joanne Williamson said,

    Hello. I was referred to you be 211. My cat was diagnosed with diabetes today. There are a bunch of initial testing and first round of food that he is in need of immediately and being a single mother of two with no help, and going to school myself I find myself unable to afford this initial care. I am ok with the monthly care and food needed but I’m in need of help now with initial cost and hoping your foundation can help

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Hi Joanne, Sorry to hear about your cat and we understand your situation, we are not a foundation, rather, the Haven is an animal sanctuary and we are a charitable organization, that means we rely on donations ourselves. The Farley Foundation is one that would help you, here is the link. https://www.farleyfoundation.org/who-we-help/ Well wishes to you and your cat. – Admin/Haven of the Heart

  5. Beverley McDonald said,

    We have sheets that are in good shape but no longer being used. Can you use them? Also some towels.

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Thank you for thinking of us. We can always use sheets and towels. Depends where you are, we can arrange pick up, or drop off at the Haven.

  6. Carol Parker said,

    Hi- I heard that you have dogs for adoption.
    Would be delighted to give a forever home to a small adult dog, or puppy.

  7. Heidi said,

    Hello, I have several bath towels, hand towels and blankets that I no longer use but they are still in good condition. If you are able to use them in caring for the animals, I would be happy to drop them off. Please let me know, thanks!

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Hello Heidi, we can always use towels and blankets, our Admin will follow up with an email for drop off. Thank you.

  8. Allison Hirst said,

    Hi! My cat’s diet had changed and I find myself with two nearly full bags of prescription diet dry food — c/d for diabetes and d/c for dental care. If you can use them, we could drop them off at your convenience… Let me know! Thanks for what you do.

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Hi Allison, we sure would like to have the cat food. Our Admin will follow up with an email. Thank you.

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