Haven of the Heart is an animal sanctuary located on a farm near Palgrave, Ontario, Canada.  It is a safe haven for a menagerie that includes dogs, cats, horses and a variety of domestic animals and fowl, all under the watchful eye of Ursula Hart, founder and guardian of the sanctuary.

Haven of the Heart is a registered charity and depends in the main on the generosity of adoptive families and other concerned animal lovers.  We are grateful to those who have either offered a forever home to one of our waifs or who have supported the care of our waifs via a financial contribution. Our Charitable number is 88803-1242-RR0001, our address is 1219 Concession Rd. 3, Adjala, R.R. #1 Palgrave, Ontario, Canada L0N 1P0.  We gratefully accept cheques as well as Online Donations.

Please check our Haven Blog for updates, as well as Petfinder which feature our animals available for adoption. We are also on Facebook.

Blessings and love to all from the Haven Waifs and their humble keeper,

Ursula Hart



  1. Yael Padawer said,

    Hi Ursula,

    You really are a special soul! The world needs more people like you and the gentle, wonderful volunteers and workers who we met today at your farm. We brought over our three chickens who were needing a new and safe home, and there you were. We are really hoping to come up one day (or more) and offer ourselves as volunteers to help out in your beautiful life’s work.

  2. Shannon Yenney said,

    I have rescued a duck from a farm and am having trouble finding him a home where I know he will be safe. I can’t keep him as I have lost two pet rescue hens to a bear that smashed in my shed. This just isn’t a safe place for small animals or fowl. He’s a sweetie and I am responsible for rescuing him so I m responsible for finding a home where he can live out his life without the abuse he has endured. Any help would be so appreciated.

  3. Denise said,

    In the past two weeks we have had an Archangel pigeon decide our garage seemed like a good place to call home. He is quite friendly and will come within a foot of us. He is eating and drinking and seems quite healthy. We thought by now he would have moved on but instead will even follow my husband around outside. Although he really is no problem right now, I worry about what will happen when we get closer to winter. Do you know anyone that might take him?

    • havenoftheheart said,

      You can call Toronto Wildlife Centre and ask them for advice, or depends where you are located, you can bring it here and it can stay in my horse arena with other wild pigeons.

  4. Lynn Rainford said,

    Ursula, We have four feral cats that we rescued last year we have had them spayed and they have had their shots… One is an amputee and she and one other are not really tame enough for adoption, unless they are socialized a little more. The other two are mother and daughter and are a little friendlier, we think the mom was a house cat at one point in time but is frightened of hands. We can pat her as long as we cover our hands with something.. Her daughter will go along with whatever her mom thinks is okay. Does your organization take in these cases.. We can’t keep them much longer as we have four of our own, three rescue ferals ( now socialized ) and one adopted from Etobicoke Humane society. Please let us know if you can help. Thank you for your time.

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Hi Lynn, our Admin will send you an email for more information.

  5. Erin Watson said,

    Hi Ursula,

    I have a three year old Rottweiler who I wanting to surrender. It was the toughest decision I have ever had to make. We live in downtown Toronto and I feel like he deserves a better life than what I can provide him. I was recently promoted at work where I am travelling out of province so he is being placed in overnight daycare often. He’s my best friend and I love him so much. And because i love him I recognize he deserves better than me. I would really like to surrender him to a sanctuary where I know he will have room to play and run while waiting to be adopted out. He really is a special guy.
    What’s the process for surrendering? Is there a phone number or email I can reach you at to discuss options?
    Thank you,
    Erin Watson

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Hi Erin, our admin will send you an email regarding your request.

  6. Lee Garrod said,

    Wow! You are you still going strong and you haven’t changed a bit. And you have a webpage at last!

  7. Joanne travis mabee said,

    I am working on my level two reiki for animals I was wondering if I could come to your farm and offer reiki to your animals this would be for free to help the animals and myself .please let me know uf you are interested thank you Joanne

    • havenoftheheart said,

      Hi Joanne, thank you for the offer. I am willing to find out more from you. Pls call me at 905-936-3055 and we can chat. Pls leave a call back number if you get the voicemail machine. Thank you. – Ursula

      • Joanne travis mabee said,

        Hi thank you i work after noons this week so if it is okay with you I will phone you in the morning may 10th I hope this is alright Joanne

  8. Anilu7 said,

    Thank you for all you do, Ursula. 16 years ago you found a forever home for my Golden Retriever Lady, when she was at risk. Now you again step in when my now-teenager was searching for a place to save the life of a Nubian doe (rather than have her sold for meat). My humble thanks.

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